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  • "When I was in the market for my first real motorbike in 32 years earlier this year I visited two dealers. I visited one other dealer in Boulder County. I did one test ride on some forgettable very uncomfortable model (I am 6'6"" tall), but no matter what I said about my needs and my financial possibilities it was clear that nobody really cared about my wishes. It was irreverant what I wanted. They had some new bike with fancy accessories that I was not interested in at all, which was also clearly outside of my price range, but within a half hour at least six times I was pushed towards purchasing that bike. Boy, they sure hate customers there. The day before, I had visited Lee at Rocky Mountain Kawasaki. He patiently showed me what was availible, he gave me numerous suggestions, and I test rode one of his bikes. And then he showed me this beautiful Honda VTX 1800. The price was at the very high end of my budget, but what the heck, let's give it a try. One test ride and I was hooked. But then, Mr. Careful as I am, I did not want to make an impulse decision, so I needed to get myself all beat up by the sales people of the above unnamed dealership. After that fiasco I immediately called Lee and asked him if I could PLEASE buy this VTX. It was still there. Lucky me. Thank you Lee, and thank you RMK for having such a great staff that makes me feel at home at RMK. And the most wonderful thing is that I now have a great bike that has been effortlessly showing me around the beautiful state of Colorado over the past four months with many more months and years to come."

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  • "Just wanted to make sure I passed on a huge ""Thanks"" to Lee and his boss. I came in looking for the 2009 Kawasaki ER-6n and there was one left. The problem was that it had been sold the night before and hadn't been picked up yet. My spirirt took a nose dive for all of about 5 seconds before I was assured that they could find another one locally and get me the same one that day. I admit I had my doubts but they lived up to their word. Not only did they secure the same bike, the bike they got hadn't even been unpacked yet. It was still in the shipping box. It was 11 a.m. by the time I agreed and paid and by 5 p.m., they had sent a truck to another dealership, loaded the freight box, got it back, put it together, tested it and had it sitting on the show room floor when I arrived. The bike runs like a champ! Just a really good experience. I wouldn't hesitate to recommened these guys to anyone looking for a new bike. This dealership and their employees go above and beyond and you can tell they really love their jobs. Thanks guys for a near perfect performance."

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    Evan Hepburn - Longmont, CO
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